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Simon's Gates McFadden Page

Hi, and welcome to my Gates McFadden page. Gates is No.2. in the babes on TV, second only to Teri Hatcher. I would like all of her fans to email me wth their reactions to her hair in Star Trek: First Contact, and I'll post them on this page. I personally thought that she looked real cute with her new hair style, although I wouldn't have thought people would have dyed their hair in the 24th century! I'm finding it hard to decide if I prefer her before or after. I can still say though that it has not knocked her off number 2 on my babe list. There'll be those out there who think she was better before than now, and others vice-versa. Please send me your opinion in my 'Gates McFadden Hair Survey'. Just email me with the words 'before' or 'after' in the email, and I'll post the results on this page on the 31st January. Thanks.

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