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Simon's E-mail Page.

Hi, and welcome to my e-mail page. If you are interested in making new friends on the net then e-mail my friends below. If anyone would like to make lots of new friends then contact me, and I'll add your address to the list below.

E-mail My Friends.

Matthew Ashmore: at York University.
Partrick Carter: at Ullswater High School, Penrth.
Tamsin Carter: a 14 year old from Penrith.
Paul Constant: at the University of Colorado.
Edward Crichton: at Birmingham University.
Jeremy Farncombe: at Leeds Polytechnic.
Jon Goulding: at Edinburgh University.
Sam Hanton: at Newcastle University.
Daniel King: at Edinburgh University.
Tony Potts: at Plymouth University.
Gareth Smith: at Jesus College, Oxford.
John Whiting: at Queen's College, Oxford.

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