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Simon's Shareware Page

Hi. Welcome to my shareware page. Here is a list, of what I consider the best shareware on the net. Just click on the title, and the software will be downloaded onto your hard disc, either as a zip file, of as a self-extracting exe file.

Sonic CD: Demo of the classic MegaCD title.
Bug!: Demo of the Sega Saturn game.
Jazz Jackrabbit: Sonic like platform game. ACE!!
Xmas Edition: of Jazz Jackrabbit.
Xmas 95 Edition: of Jazz Jackrabbit.
Doom 95: The classic game rereleased for Windows 95.
Quake: Great game similar to Doom.
Duke Nukem 3D: The ultimate 3D game.
Noteworthy Composer: Ace music processor.
Indiana Jones, Desktop Adventures: Great puzzle game for Windows.
Thieves & Kings: The best card game around.
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure: Great platform game.
Duke Nukem II: Platform adventure.
Mile Bones: Racing car card game.
Jason Storm; Space Chase: Platform game.
Xmas Lemmings: Christmas edition of the best puzzle game around.
Lemmings 2: Sequel of the classic game.
Earthworm Jim: The ultimate platform game.
Wolfenstein 3D: Classic 3D action.
Goldwave: Great wave editor.

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