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Bye Lois & Clark. -----------------

Lois & Clark, we'll miss you, Now that you've gone. Our hearts feel so empty, The days seem so long.

You were a beacon of light, That now has been been dimmed. Through ABC's incompitence, And a thick headed executives wim.

Teri, we will miss you, With your smiling face. You would thaw the coldest heart, Esecially when you wore lace!

We'll all miss you Dean, With your red cape, Flying through Metropolis' sky. Making the world safe.

We have made so many friends, Through Lois & Clark. We don't want that friendship to end, We don't want it all to go dark.

But we must be grateful for, The time that you were here. You'll forever be in our hearts, We'll always keep you near.

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Simon's Teri Hatcher Page

This is my humble little homepage devoted to the number one babe, Teri Hatcher. Teri is the most beautiful woman on the TV, in the world and I'd like to show that to all of you who don't think so. Teri is was made famous for playing Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Although Teri had doubts about doing a comic book series, it was this series which shot her to stardom, and made her a household name.

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