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Simon's Star Trek Page

I'm a big fan of Star Trek in all its forms, but my favourite has to be The Next Generation. After Teri Hatcher, my next favourite babe is Gates McFadden. She now has her own page, and if your looking for Star Trek links, then access her page now. I had the luck of meeting Marina Sirtis at the Star Trek Exhibition in Edinburgh. As well as her autograph, I've got signed books by Leonard Nimoy, George Takai and Nichelle Nichols. I collect star Trek trading cards. I have to say that the new First Contact set looks great. The problam is it has 41 bonus cards, so I'll still be trying to get them for years. It doesn't help that us poor students have little money.



The only possible reason that I can possibly see for not going to see Star Trek - First Contact, is that you are DEAD!!! This film in my opinion is the best film of the decade. I thought Generations was brilliant when it came out, but this knocks the spots of it. The special effects are as usual brilliant. I consider the best to be to Borg Queen, as she decends from the ceiling when you first see her. Data's endo-skeleton attachments are also extreamly realistic. Patrick Stewart's performance is classic, as is Jonathan Frakes directing. The first sequence zooming out from Picard, through the Borg ship and out into space is an inspiration. Paramount would have to be dumb if they don't let Jonathan direct the next Star Trek picture. This is an extreamly enjoyable film with lots of action, and it will become a box office smash. Star Trek - First Contact is showing nationwide in the UK now, so everyone get down to your nearest cinema, or you'll miss out on the making of cinematic history!!!

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