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Hi. Welcome to my Mary Hopkin page. Mary Hopkin is my favourite singer, so I've decided to give her, her own page, as there are very few around devoted to her. Incase you've never heard of Mary Hopkin, she is Welsh and was married to Tony Visconti, who produced some of her recordings later recordings on Apple. She was discovered by Paul McCartney after being seen on Oppertunity Knocks. Paul then called her, and she and her mother met Paul in London. Her first single was 'Those Were The Days', which is her most famous single. This was released on the Beatles' Apple Label, and is their best selling single. It knocked the Beatles 'Hey Jude' off number one. The song is by Raskin, and Paul first heard it when it was sung by Raskin and his wife in a bar. Her first album was 'Postcard', a delightful selection of songs, including one in her native Welsh, but surprising not 'Those Were The Days' on the British release. She recorded other songs on 'Apple', before recording on some other labels. Today she is rather reclusive. I'm looking out for a chance to hear her sing live, but I have not seen one. Mary Hopkin is the number one person on my list of people that I would like to meet, followed by Paul McCartney in second place. My favourite of her many songs is 'The Fields Of St. Etienne'. I have a large collection of her records, and I buy her records at every oppertunity. If any readers have any that they would like to sell, then please contact me. I will always buy a record that I haven't got. My most treasured possesion is a signed postcard, the same as the one on the Postcard album sleeve, signed by Mary Hopkin on the reverse.

Discography (UK)

Apple 2 - Those Were The Days/Turn Turn Turn.

Apple 9 - Goodbye/Sparrow.

Cambrian CSP 703 - Aderyn Llwyd/Y Blodyn Gwyn.

Cambrian CSP 712 - Pleserau Serch/Tyrd Yn Ol.

Apple 22 - Temma Harbour/Lontano Dagli Occhi.

Apple 26 - Knock, Knock Who's There?/I'm Going To Fall In Love Again.

Apple 30 - Think About Your Children/Heritage.

Apple 34 - Let My Name Be Sorrow/Kew Gardens.

Apple 39 - Water, Paper And Clay/Jefferson.

Regal Zonophone RZ 3070 Mary Had A Baby/Cherry Tree Carol.

Good Earth GD2 - If You Love Me/Tell Me Now.

Good Earth GD11 - Wrap Me In Your Arms/Just A Dreamer.

Chrysilis CHS 2151 - Too Much Magic/Lirazel (B side only)

Chrysilis CHS 2193 - Beyond The Fields we Know/Alveric's Journey Through Elfland (A side only)

Bell 1248 - Summertime, Summertime/Sweet And Low. (As Hobby Horse)

Bronze BRO 132 - What's Love/Song. (As Sundance)

WEA YZ 8 - Hold Me/Oasis. (As Oasis)

WEA YZ 15 - I Wonder Why/Who Knows. (As Oasis)

ZTX13 - Ave Maria/Intermezzo

Cambrian CEP 414 - Llais Swynol Mary Hopkin. (EP)

Cambrian CEP 420 - Mary Ac Edward. (EP)

Apple (S)APCOR 5 - Postcard. (LP) (rereleased recently)

Apple SAPCOR 21 - Earth Song-Ocean Song. (LP) (rereleased recently)

Apple SAPCOR 23 - Those Were The Days. (LP) (rereleased recently, but not on vinyl)

Decca SPA 546 - The Welsh World Of Mary Hopkin. (LP)

Chrysilis CHR 1137 - The King Of Elfland's Daughter. (LP)

WEA WX3 240 372-1 - Oasis (LP)

- Spirit. (LP)

Sain SCD2151E - The Early Recordings. (Only on CD and MC)

Discography (Non-UK)

Apple 7 - Lontana Dagli Occhi/Game.

Apple 9 - Prince En Avignon/The Game.

Apple 16 - Que Sera Sera/Fields Of St.Etienne.

Apple 27 - Que Sera Sera/Fields Of St.Etienne.

Apple 1C062-93536 - The Best Of Mary Hopkin. (LP)

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